5 Best PS2 Emulator For Android

5 Best PS2 Emulator for Android: The Ultimate List

The PlayStation 2 is considered to be one of the best game consoles of all time, and if you still have your Sony gaming console (or a friend who does) and a few games, you’re in luck.

You can now play your favorite games from yesteryear on your Android phone, which is great. But not all PS2 emulators are created equal. There are a lot of terrible ones out there that barely work or are so full of ads that you can’t even enjoy them. Do you know What are The Best PS2 Emulators for Android?

What is a PS2 emulator?

As the name implies, an emulator is a software designed to run another software application, such as a game console, in a computer-like environment. Because consoles are programmed to take advantage of special hardware, which doesn’t exist in the vast majority of modern computers, emulators let you play your favorite games on your Android device using your computer (or even a gaming console) or your phone.

A PS2 emulator is software that takes your current Android device and your PS2 games and turns them into one device. Think of a PS2 emulator as a remote control that lets you play your games on your phone. It’s kind of like a Lego robot for your computer and console.

You’ll need to have a PS2 game disc in hand, your mobile device, and an emulator to be able to use it. And since the system is streaming video over the air, you don’t need a monthly plan to play it. PlayStation 2 games can be played on a variety of devices.

Some emulators offer the ability to play original disc-based PS2 games, while others let you play older, digital download-only games. However you play them, the experience will be the same.

List of 5 Best PS2 Emulators For Android

Here are the best and most reliable PlayStation 2 emulators available on the Google Play Store today.

  1. DamonPS2
  2. Pro PlayStation
  3. Free Pro PS2 Emulator
  4. Pro PPSS2 Emulator
  5. Play!

#1 –  DamonPS2

Free, ad-supported, and available for Google Play Store. Many of the bad apps on this list offer some form of free access to their service, but in this case, you need to be able to make in-app purchases to make the app really useful.

The best way to describe DamonsPS2 is it’s a full-featured emulator that is pretty close to what you’d find on the original PlayStation 2 (you might remember the ad-supported Sony PlayStation 2 Experience that was available for a while).

Like most other emulators for Android, you get to download a number of games and you can move them around your device using a really easy interface. You can play most games that you can get your hands on, but not all of them.

Download → DamonPS2 – PS2 Emulator

#2 – Pro PlayStation

The Pro PlayStation app is a modern-day remake of a PS2 emulator. It boasts an easy-to-use interface and support for every game ever released for the PlayStation 2. The only upside is that it is a free download.

iPhone – iTunes Like the Pro PlayStation app, the iPhone version of Emulators is a modern-day emulator for playing your favorite PlayStation 2 games on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This emulator supports games from every console that ever existed.

Apple’s PS2 emulator has been designed to support almost all PS2 games released for the console and has access to a huge database of PS2 games. And it’s completely free. The PlayStation Mobile emulator is from Sony Entertainment. You can easily play PS2 games on your Android phone.

Download → Pro PlayStation  – PS2 Emulator

#3 – Free Pro PS2 Emulator

PlayStation 2-era games have never looked as good as they do on your smartphone, so it’s hard to beat the free Pro PS2 emulator. Don’t let the name fool you; this one is a ton of fun to play because the basic interface is just like that of a PlayStation 2, complete with simple buttons and scrolling.

This is no upscaled emulation. You can play any PS2 game on Android now with this emulator. Of course, the quality may be a little bit lower, but it’s all in a good, fun way.

If the Pro version of the Pro PS2 Emulator is just too pricey for you, you’re in luck. The Pro version of the Pro PS2 Emulator is currently available to everyone for free on Google Play. It’s the same emulator, just without the advertising.

Download → Free Pro PS2 Emulator

#4 –  Pro PPSS2 Emulator

If you’re looking for an Android PS2 emulator that is easy to use, doesn’t require any root access, and is fully compatible with all games (including those that are currently available for the platform), then Pro PPSS2 Emulator is exactly what you’re looking for.

One of the key differences that sets it apart from other emulators is that it works with smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher. If you’re on Android 4.3, you can try out PPSS2 on your smartphone but there is a lot that can go wrong.

As with all emulators, there is a cost associated with this one, though the only real downside is that the required installation contains some advertisements. And let’s be real, if you’re playing PS2 games on your Android phone, are you really going to be buying those ads? I don’t think so.

Download → Pro PPSS2 Emulator

#5 – Play! PS2 Emulator

If you’re looking for an emulated version of the classic PlayStation 2, Play! PS2 Emulator is the best PS2 emulated app for Android. The Play! series of apps are known for being extremely well-optimized, feature-rich, and of course, emulated PlayStation 2 games.

Play! Emulator features more than 2,000 PS2 games, including 80 titles that you can play using your standard Bluetooth controller. The app has a streamlined interface that’s easy to navigate. There’s also a tutorial mode that’s great for beginners.

Another highlight of the Play! PS2 Emulator app is its V-Joy Bluetooth controller support. This feature allows you to use your Bluetooth controller with your mobile device to play all your PS2 games on Android.

Download → Play! – PS2 Emulator


After testing and comparing a variety of emulators for Android, I’ve come up with five I’d recommend as the best options. Each offers a decent feature set, works as advertised, and, more importantly, doesn’t charge you any money. If you don’t already own a Sony PlayStation 2 console, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of free games available.

You’ll probably also want a MicroSD card for games, as the emulator can’t handle more than 4GB at a time. And, if you already have a console, you’ll want to add an ethernet cable for faster game downloads. If you’re looking for the best PlayStation 2 emulators, check out my above recommendations.

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