PS2 BIOS | Download PS2 BIOS and How To Setup PS2 BIOS on PCSX2

What is PS2 BIOS ?

PS2 BIOS are the rom files that helps you with running the PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console games on your PC/computer using PS2 Emulator. It is an extraordinary chance for the people who wants to play the PS2 games but don’t have PS2 Console.

PS2 BIOS Download

File Name: PS2 BIOS
Emulator: PCSX2, DamonPS2 or Any PlayStation 2 (PS2) Emulators
Region: USA, Europe and Japan
Version: Latest (Updated Today)
File Size: 39 MB
Type of file: WinRAR ZIP archive (.zip)
File Format: PS2 BIOS rom
Downloads: 1 Million+

Download PS2 File

(Note: Download and Extract Using WinRAR To Get PS2 BIOS rom Files)

Video Tutorial: How To Download and Dump PS2 BIOS on PC.

How To Download PS2 BIOS Tutorial Step By Step with Screenshots

Step 1 – Open any browser on your computer.

Step 2 – Type on URL section and press Enter button.

Step 3 – Scroll Down and Find Download button.

Step 4 – Click on Download to Download Latest version PS2 BIOS Files.

Step 5 – By clicking on Download button PS2 BIOS File will start downloading on your computer.

Step 6 – After downloading was completed, open PS2BIOS.rar file in folder.

How To Setup PS2 BIOS on PCSX2 Tutorial Step By Step with Screenshots

Step 7 – Extract PCSX2andPS2BIOS.rar file using WinRAR software.

Step 8 – Open extracted folder.

Step 9 – copy bios folder.

Step 10 – Open PCSX2 Documents file location and Paste bios folder here..

Step 11 – Open PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator).

Step 12 – Go to Config and click on Plugin/BIOS Selector option.

Step 13 – Click on BIOS icon.

Step 14 – Click on browse option.

Step 15 – Go to PCSX2 Documents file location and select bios folder.

Step 16 – Select a BIOS rom and click on Apply button then click on OK button.

Step 17 – To check PS2 BIOS rom working or not. Go to CDVD ISO Selector > and select any PS2 ISO game file.

Step 18 – Go to System and click on Boot ISO (full).

Step 19 – Enjoy, PS2 BIOS rom is successfully working.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs) and Queries:

Que: How To Get PCSX2 BIOS Without PS2 ?

Ans: Search on Google PCSX2 BIOS and open any ROMs/BIOS downloading website from the result and click on download, Now you got PCSX2 BIOS without having PlayStation 2 (PS2).

Que: How To Put PS2 BIOS on PCSX2 ?

Ans: Open PCSX2 Emulator and Go to Config → click on Plugin/BIOS selector → click on BIOS icon → Browse PS2 BIOS and Select it, Done.

Que: Where To Find PS2 BIOS ?

Ans: You can get PS2 BIOS on any PS2 ROMs Downloading Sites or you can directly download from the above download links.

Que: Where To Download PS2 BIOS ?

Ans: You can download PS2 BIOS from website. website is the best website for downloading PS2 BIOS.


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